50 KG Dumbbell Weight Set offers you the comfort, time, money and weights you need with handles and barbells to enjoy your exercises with a full range of all the time.

It is important for your exercise and for creating your own club. Ideal for all body muscle exercises. You can transfer it to any place you want and store it in any place because of the presence of the special bag.

As you progress in the exercises, you can add weights more than a 5 k kg of which are available at your challenge store.

The group comes to help you perform the exercises you want.

You can actually exercise all the muscles with this bag. You can launch your own home club with this wonderful package

It will provides you

* Time * What each period needs to buy a new weight, and does not need to consume your role and you are in the club to take the weight you need.
* Money * Amount to be available when you buy a new weight and to renew the club’s participation, you will take it to your pocket.
* Comfort * Why not settle a simple club in the house Marah busy with traffic congestion or traffic jam, and Chill are not suitable for the time of the club for your spare time. Contents of the bag 50 kg:

The contents of the 50 kg package:

4 round weighing 5 kg per round and total: 20 kg for each
4 round weighing 2.5 kg per round and total: 10 kg for each
6 round weighing 1.25 kg per round and total: 7.5 kg for each
6 round weighing half a kg per round and total: 3 kg for each
2 dumbbell handle weighing 1 kg for one bar and total: 2 kg for each
The bar is about 5 kg long
6 stabilizers weights weighing half a kg for one installer and total: 3 kg for each

Total Final: 50.5 kg

معلومات إضافية

الوزن 51 kg
الأبعاد 103 × 15.5 × 28 cm


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