Resistance Loop Set is series of ropes that are resistant to intensive training or injury prevention and rehabilitation. Resistance Loop Set has many exercises. It can be used in the public gym. Different and varied sports professionals also use them in their exercises in a continuous and essential way. Designed for waist exercises and thighs, especially for external thighs. Resistance Loop Set is Excellent for external musculature system (the sleeping muscle) is very impressive in the exercises of the slats and the armrests for the performance of different exercises for the chest or triceps, biceps or even squats. Resistance Loop Set Use it anywhere – these workshops fit in a small carrying case. You can use it at home, in the gym, when traveling, or from my training class. Sets the bottom. The resistance belt is very strong and perfect for home and club. Resistance strap can be used to install attachment. The resistance belt can also be used in the training exercises. Color: Come with four colors. red. blue. green. black. Excellent for external muscle exercises of the thigh (sleeping muscle). Do not stretch with time. Maintains its strength as it was

Color Strength KG Length CM Width CM Thinness CM
Red 5 25 5 0.05
Blue 9 25 5 0.07
Green 14 25 5 0.09
Black 18 25 5 1.1

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Set or Piece

Set, Red, Blue, Green, Black


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