The yoga wheel makes access to beginners even easier,

It can help develop practitioners to deepen the situation and relieve muscle stiffness.

Some of the yoga wheel tasks when doing yoga exercises: –

Stretch extension tool.

Utility to open sides.

A tool to extend the back.

Improve balance.

Strengthens reflection.

Improve the flexibility of the body through the tendons of the knee and hips.

A tool to put the hollow back.

The yoga wheel helps relieve back bends.

Dimension: 33 cm (Diameter) x 13 cm (Depth)

Material: 5mm EVA exterior with ABS plastic core 11mm.

Maximum load: 200 kg

The yoga wheel of your brand is lightweight and easy to use and helps you get better fitness and flexibility.
Help open chest, shoulders, back and waist.
Helps improve strength, balance and flexibility.
Improves yoga posture.
Lightweight and easy to carry.

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Pink, Green, Purple

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