Training Glider Discs is a great tool to exercise the muscles of the abdomen and chest.

Product Information

Number of pieces: 4 Discs.

On any surface, make Slider Discs on ceramic, marble, parquet or even brushes. It comes in two faces so that it suits your surroundings.

Exercise all body muscles with Glider tablets. Focus on a specific muscle group in your exercises. Flex all your body muscles. Increase the strength of the trunk and muscle muscles.

Practice anywhere you want. With two light pliers. You can carry them with you anywhere.

Use strength and load your body muscles to perform strength and endurance exercises. Hate exercises or any exercises you wish.

Guarantee and quality are guaranteed with your shop’s challenge to Training Glider Discs

Material: high elastic sponge / ABS surface / natural latex

Sliding Discs Discs: – Dual display desks – Everything you need at home – For sale of home appliances for sale. Rampage of the bite against allergy or allergies

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