Tape and grip abdominal exercises
Tape and grip abdominal exercises

Tape and grip abdominal exercises

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Whether in the gym or home club, one of the things you want to do is add weights to your abdominal exercises. Bar and grip abdominal exercises have been provided for this purpose in order to facilitate crunches and other abdominal exercises.

the description:

Item Name: Ribbon and grip abdominal exercises
Material: Ribbon + PVC Handle + D Ring
Length: 42 cm

This ideal tool helps to perform fitness exercises at home and give the body a solid structure and achieve the body thinner and stronger abdominal muscles and more specific
A very wide padded pad that protects the neck, shoulders, back and chest while focusing on abdominal sloping exercises.
Comfortable sponge handles provide quick and intuitive position for hands
D-ring steel easily handles even heavier loads
Ab belt attachment on most home gym machine equipment
To train strength and abdominal muscles.

The nylon shoulder strap is padded heavy
D-ring attachment for use with a specific cable extension
Handles are specially designed to keep your hands near the chest properly
Easy universal facility for cable machines

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