Slimming device for thighs
Slimming device for thighs
Slimming device for thighs

Slimming-Device for Thighs

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One of the distinguishing features of the thighs is the thighs which focuses on the exercise of the thighs with other muscle exercises as well. A companion of yoga exercises continuously. Contribute to the addition of several different exercises for you.

– more difficult. You can increase abdominal exercises and lengthening exercises. Most importantly, make your exercises enjoyable. Suitable for slow movements, body and fitness, fitness equipment.

– Special feature: Light weight, small size, easy to carry, beautiful with good elasticity.

– Companion of leg and yoga exercises, the leg unit can be used effectively. It can be a very regular exercise in your current life, the perfect combination of perfection with many exercises, adding an imbalance to yourself and resistance to increasing the difficulty of doing exercises on the exercise mats.

– Abdominal, leg, arm and movement exercises can be increased to stretch the movement. The most important thing is that it makes your exercise enjoyable.

– Purpose: Yoga practice, exercise to lose weight, leg, strengthen chest strength and shape, fitness and beauty, can effectively stimulate the chest muscles, abdominal muscles and inner thighs can also increase flexibility, strength and endurance. Can do a variety of exercises, which is very suitable for deep relaxation, training the leg muscles and abdominal muscles. It’s easy to use

– Size: 29 cm * 12.5 cm

– Material: Externally: Cotton foam and internally plastic

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Pink, Gray

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