Set of Resistance Bands in Your mini club offers you a complete range of different resistance ropes and other accessories to help you perform doing exercises for all muscles of the body no matter where the muscle and exercise.
New with great quality

It is used in person to exercise the appropriate muscles or desired by you, whether exercises butt, thighs, abdomen, chest, back, biceps, Triceps, shoulders or even forearm.

You can install this cord on the door easily.

Cord length 1.2 meters

Increase muscle strength

Increased muscular endurance

For practical fitness exercises, abdominal exercises, buttocks and all body muscles

Excellent for home exercises

Made of high quality screw

The resistance rope comes in two forms

Its benefits
Weaves weights to a certain extent

Easy to carry

With one rope you can exercise most of your body muscles

Use the rope for lengthening exercises

And many benefits

Contains 11 pieces

Contains five resistant cords

The number of 2 handles is strong

Number 2 straps (handle) ankle

A special black bag

Length Power- kg- color
120 7 Yellow
120 9 Red
120 11 Blue
120 14 Green
120 16 Black


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