Pure Glutamina + BCAA
Pure Glutamina + BCAA

Pure Glutamina + BCAA

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It has been specifically designed to heal muscles quickly and effectively with sufficient amounts of scoop-one.

Directed to athletes who have high voltage exercises and requires them to increase performance.

Pure Glutamine + BCAAs 3XL Nutrition is a composition comprising a blend of essential branched chain amino acids: BCAAs and L-glutamine micronized and totally pure. Also enhanced with vitamin B6 for better anabolic effect and muscle anticabólico.


It has been designed especially for fast and effective muscle recovery with adequate amounts of BCAAs.

Oriented athletes who have a physical wear and require increased performance.

Main contributions:

– Improved recovery for athletes of any kind.

– Increase protein synthesis.

– It is suitable for the recovery of the muscles.

– Stimulates the release of growth hormone.

– Promotes energy production.


Glutamine maximizes protein synthesis, reduces the breakdown of muscle tissue, increases muscle cell volume. It is also able to climb naturally up to 400% creating growth hormone.


Guide to nitrogen builder muscle tissue cells that synthesize muscle tissue for its overall performance .It is an amino acid that can become essential in situations following an intense workout, when the body can not synthesize glutamine in the blood and thus complete and meet their needs.

Glutamine is one of the 20 natural amino acids that form proteins in the body. It is an essential amino acid normally synthesized by most cells. It also regulates blood sugar, raising blood glycogen stores and get a perfect balance.


Dextrose, L-glutamine, BCAA complex (R4: 1: 1), flavors, sweeteners E-954 and E-955, E133 coloring HCl and vitamin B6 (pyridoxine).

How to use:

As a dietary supplement for healthy adults, a dose of 13 grams of Pure Glutamine + BCAAs once or twice a day, preferably about 30 minutes before and after training.

Product Information:
Flavor: Blueberry

Size: 500 grams

BCAA: Contains 5 grams of BCA

Glutamine: Contains 5 g Glutamine

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