With a standard design with a comfortable sponge grip, this is a great choice for you, with a strong grip and a geometrical design that gives the weight more strength and gives you a strong and comfortable feel with the style that is designed for it.

At an affordable and competitive price from your challenging shop which still offers superior quality, performance and longevity.
For muscle strength exercises and endurance combined with versatility in weight options for athletes in a multi-mode, a good range of weights can be used to perform almost all types of iron exercises, while also offering a wide range of isolated exercises, rehabilitation as well, strong movements of any size Almost.

The types of exercises that can be used for it are back exercises such as saw, chest exercises such as exercise chest level or assembly or lightening. Pips and Traysps exercises. Exercises abdominal muscles and shoulders. Sickness exercises for buttocks, exercises and legs.

Aerobic exercise is also a great choice when using a 0.5 kg dumpling pair

pair of dumbbell  0.5kg

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