Olympic Barbell

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The Olympic Bar is the simplest piece of equipment in the gym, but one of the most complex devices to learn how to use it.

The phrase “If it’s easy, everyone will do it” certainly applies to him, especially a bar loaded with weight, free.

The modern 20- to 15-kg weight-bearing barbells have been used in weightlifting since the early 20th century, but some fitness enthusiasts spend their lives without touching one.

What is the Olympic bar?
An Olympic bar is a metal bar that can be loaded with weights. When training on iron, one thing to keep in mind is that some pads already come with pre-made weight and are not adjustable.

Olympic weight: The weight of an Olympic bar is usually 20 kg (and the weights vary also where in your challenge store we provide different weights for the Olympic bar and can be loaded with weight boards.) It is used to increase strength by squatting, lifting, pressure and pressure. .

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The length of the Olympic bar

Weight 20 kg: 2.2 meters

Weight 15 kg: 1.8 meters

Weight 10 kg: 1.40 meters

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20 kg, 15 kg, 10 kg


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