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Get your fitness and muscle strength with your home club and continue to maintain your health with the Total-Body Training Home Gym. It is specially designed so you can exercise in your home. The gym which we called the home club is a closed gym in your home. Use it to complete the exercises safely. This includes many resistance exercises, so you can control how difficult the exercise is. This comprehensive CML also includes two padded wrist restraints. Use it to target your arms, chest, back, shoulders, heart, and abdomen during upper body exercises. It also includes ankle straps, so you can target difficult areas like thighs. The exercise plan outlines the instructions step by step. The home club comes with a DVD that helps you maximize results.
Your golden gym for overall body exercises.

What comes with it:
4 sling resistant
2 padded foam handles
2 ankle straps
Attached to most standard doors
Adjustable resistance
Easy installation
DVD workout included
Plan the exercises included with step-by-step instructions

Helps to develop chest, back, shoulders, pulp, muscular steel and thighs
The Gold’s Gym is less expensive than the monthly gym membership.

Consists of: Four resistant cords

Shankarin to fix the ropes at the top and sorry the door

Two handles

Two circular handles

A simple machine is installed on the door like an image.

With it, you can exercise every muscle you want and with different weights as well.

One of the best tools you may use for your exercises and stay with you for a long time

Home Club: A set of resistance cords that you can fasten at the door

two handles

You can hang it on your door as shown in the picture.

You can do several of different exercises with it. Helps you to isolate target muscles more effectively 

One of the best ways to use in your workouts. And you can use it for a long time.


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