group of 15kg colored

By providing you with the following things:

* Time * What each period needs to buy a new weight, and does not need to take advantage of your role and you are in the club to take the weight you need.
* Money * Amount to be available when you buy a new weight and to renew the club’s participation, you will take it to your pocket.
* Comfort * Why do not settle a simple club in the house Marah busy with traffic congestion or traffic jam, and Chill is not suitable for the time of the club for your free time.

The discs come in different colors as follows:

1.75 kg in red: 4 tablets = 7 kg.

1 kg in green: 4 nectar = 4 kg

Total discs 11 kg

2 pieces of dungle and 4 star parts installed for weights = 4 kg

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