Flex Swing Bar Whether you use it to lose weight, tone your muscles or strengthen your core, the FLEXI-BAR is unbeatable for its effectiveness. Because FLEXI-BAR utilises vibration training to work the deep muscles of the core, you can expect to feel dramatic results, FAST!

If you are recovering from an injury, training for a performance sport, or just interested in improving your fitness, FLEXI-BAR should be your No. 1 choice


Light Back Pain
Relieve Neck Tension
Lose Weight
Improve posture
Strengthen Abdominals
Firm & Tone Upper Body
Improve Sports Performance
Improve Pregnancy Recovery
Increase Fitness Level
FLEXI-BAR improves sports performance by

Strengthening the deep core muscles that support and stabilise the entire spine, improving mobility and rotational range of motion

Automatically addressing any muscular imbalances that occur through repetitive actions

Encouraging blood flow and flushing out toxins from injured muscles

Enhancing preconception, reaction times and balance


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