This Dummy Boxing Opponent Punching Bag is designed with the high Tech Durable/strength Silicone with the height of 168cm, good looking and temper for you to punch or kick whatever you like. Ideal tool for boxing training to max your workout. Very easy to be set up.

You will have a real feel when using it for realistic appearance and it’s made of eco-friendly material.

Key Features:

•More realistic training for a variety of techniques.
•More striking surface area for body shot training as well as kicks.
•It does not fall down when beaten and kicked by any force or strength.
•It can strike without gloves.
•Rounded for easy relocation to any place.
•Flexible construction allows quick rebound.
•Strong spring for durability.
•Skin: Silicone
•Base Material: Polyethylene
•Base Weight: 11kg and approximately 125kg when filled water and heavier to be filled by sand.
•Body weight: 24
•Height: 168cm
•Color: Red
•You don’t have to drill a hole in the wall or ceiling to install it


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