Bosu ball or balance ball ..
Which work on the coordination of the movement and balance of the body and intensity during the exercises to use ..
Bosu balance is ideal for many motor exercises.
Whether you’re looking for:
– Improve the strength of fat
– Improve your fitness
– Losing weight and losing lots of calories
With a balance ball you can achieve all that,
By exercising for 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day
You can exercise:
Upper or lower section
Or basic muscles
And improve the level of balance in the body

– with ropes resistant on both sides –
– Comes in blue –
– Maximum tolerance: 120 kg

The BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer (also known as the Half Blue Exercise Ball) is currently used in health, fitness, sports conditioning, and rehabilitation facilities. It’s known industry-wide for balance training, building strength, enhancing flexibility, and delivering killer cardio workouts. This staple in the rehab world challenges the entire body with integrated, multi-joint movement that requires muscle groups to work together. Use the BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer dome or platform side down, combine it with other equipment, or use it as a stand-alone product to make any exercise fun, challenging, and effective.

Enhanced movement capabilities
Tone & strengthen
Improve flexibility
Next level functional training

Latex-free, burst-resistant material
Available in blue or pink with grey rim
Black dually over-molded platform for extra strength
Smooth, non-skid, non-marking base
Weighs 9 kg (19 lb)
Measures 65 cm in diameter and 25.4 cm (10 in) high when fully inflated
Includes hand pump and owner’s manual + 2 resistance bands


Support balance
Tightening the body
Burn calories
Possible using a ball of balance


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