Battle Rope

Cardio. Strengthening the abdominal area, strengthening muscles, losing weight, toning the body, stimulating flexibility

“The key to its effectiveness is that it works each arm independently, and removes the imbalance of power while it sculpts your muscles.” Said John Brookfield, an innovative battle sling system Battle Rope.

Will definitely work on both arms, along with your back, chest, legs, and torso, depending on your routine.

Adding ropes to the Battle Rope battle to your routine also provides deadly heart exercises without the monotony that comes with other activities that focus on aerobic motion. You will sweat during the swing, regardless of your training. You can train for energy by slapping the ropes on the ground too – the possibilities are endless.

Combat ropes offer full training on body strength as well as cardio exercises. “They are especially great for targeting your body and the upper part, as these are the main drivers of the battle-rope training.”

Combat ropes are valuable for those who want to build muscle (or simply change their routine) without resorting to heavy weights. Because the ropes create forces and tension from angles that are difficult to achieve by using basic weight training, they confuse and amaze your muscles for new gains.

Overall length: 9 meters – 3.5 mm thickness

black color

High quality is made of polyester.

Contributes to the exercise of all muscles of the body

Wide rope, high quality

Fit for clubs and homes

Wonderful, one of the new ways in cardio exercises


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