Battle Rope


Cardio . Stronger Core . Stronger Muscles . Weight Loss . Body-Sculpting . More Flexibility

“The key to their effectiveness is that they work each arm independently, eliminating strength imbalances as they sculpt your muscle,” John Brookfield, creator of the original battling-ropes system, told Men’s Health.

You’ll definitely work both arms, along with your back, chest, legs, and core, depending on your routine.

Adding ropes to your routine also provides a killer cardio workout without the monotony that comes with other aerobically-focused activities. You’ll sweat bullets while you swing, no matter what you’re training to do. You can train for power by slamming the ropes on the ground, too—the possibilities are endless.

“Battle ropes offer full body strength training as well as cardio, “They’re especially great for targeting your core and upper body, since those are your primary movers in battle rope training.”

Battle ropes are valuable for guys looking to build muscle (or simply change up their routines) without turning to ultra-heavy weights. Because ropes create forces and tension from angles that are harder to achieve with basic weight training, they confuse and surprise your muscles into making new gains.

Length: 9 MM

Battle Rope

Thick Black Rope, High Quality.

Works for Gyms and even Homes. Amazing, one of the trending ways for cardio workouts



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