Look for greatness with API Gainer Extreme Protein Generator B, 1261 calories and 50 grams protein per serving. Amplify, enhance and taste wonderful.

Each API Gainer Extreme dose is 4K
51 g protein
245 g carbohydrates
11 g fat
49 g sugar
Thermal price
It also contains the appropriate amino acids that the body needs
Available sizes: 12 pounds as pictured
Indications: A source of amino acids that play a role in building muscle protein. It is a source of protein that helps build and repair body tissues.
Caution: Adult supplement
It is not recommended to be eaten by children
It is not taken by the pregnant woman
Contains milk and soy ingredients
Do not take excessive allergies


Amplify Personal Improvement

Protein mix in API Gainer Extreme

Warning! GAINER XTREME API Gainer Extreme is designed to get you moving. With a huge amount of 1,261 calories and 50 grams of the best protein per meal, your body will have no choice but to interact positively with this nutrient-dense, calorie-dense force. The protein mixture of whey and kazine provides a quick and sustainable version of protein to feed your muscles. Protein is necessary to build lean muscle because it helps create a positive balance of nitrogen (PNB) within the muscles. PNB is a must have for muscle growth and recovery.

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Download the CARBO-Composite API in Gainer Extreme
GAINER XTREME is filled with high-performance complex carbohydrates to keep your energy levels constant. GAINER XTREME is low in sugars, allowing your body to replenish glycogen stores after those growth-stimulating courses. Therefore, you can avoid the power failure that comes with high sugar.

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