This Aerobic Gym Bar 122.5 cm long x 6.2 cm diameter Aerobic Weighted Exercise Bar is ideal for individual and group exercises.

The weight of this Aerobic Weighted Exercise Bar is evenly distributed across the whole of the bar which has a colour coded cap at the end showing the weight of the bar.

Designed for core strength, cardio/step workouts, functional and strength training.

These bars come with a high density rubberised foam padding throughout the length of the bar for comfort making it easy to grip.

This Gym Aerobic Bar / Weighted Body Bar is perfect for fitness enthusiasts and sportsperson who are interested in keeping their arms and legs in shape. Gym bar helps in strengthening the core and is also very effective for toning the arms and legs.
This Gym weighted bar is available in different weights ranging from 1kg to 10kg.Ideal for strengthening your core, and toning arms and legs.

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4 KG, 7 KG


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