Ab Wheel
Ab Wheel

Ab Wheel

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Ab Wheel for abs strength for abdominal exercises

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Ab Wheel for abs strength for abdominal exercises and increase their strength and endurance.

One of the best products for exercise the muscles of the abdomen easily and easily

The grip is similar and comfortable for the hand

Calf rotation is easy and fast

Easy to install and unpack

The exercise wheel to reduce excess abdominal fat, strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, waist, lower back and legs, and strengthen the muscles of the chest, arms and shoulder.

If you are lazy about standing on the treadmill or bike, I will offer you a new type of abdominal tightening exercise today, which helps to tighten the muscles of the lower and upper abdominal exercises. You can perform the following steps to get a tight belly:

1. Lie on the ground with your hands behind your head and then bow your legs with your knee 90 °.

2. Move your legs alternately as if you were driving a wheel.

3. While moving the feet, lift the middle and shoulders from the ground. Point the right elbow towards the left knee while making the left leg straight and vice versa.

4 – Repeat this process 10 times to include one time change your legs three times


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