The 50kg weights set offers you the comfort, time and support you need with knobs and barbells to enjoy your perfect exercise for all muscle exercises.

Can you move it anywhere in the world? Perform the exercises you wear. Can you shoot your friend? Will you enjoy a new period of work?

In order to renew the club’s participation, you will be able to take it with you. * Comfort * Why Tsui you?

Weight: 5 kg per tablet and total: 20 kg

for each 4 tablets weighing 2.5 kg per tablet and total: 10 kg

for each 6 tablets weight of 1.25 kg per tablet and total: 7.5 kg

for 6 tablets per weight and total: 3 kg

for each 2 Departure of Denball weight 1 Kg per bar and total: 2 kg

per kilo long 5kg weight approx 6 stabilizers weights per weight and total: 3 kg for the final sum: 50.5 kg 50 sets as surgeon provides you with lots of: * time * money * rest


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