Pulling Strap for Running and Fitness is made as an inexpensive and effective way to develop trainee speed to the maximum extent to develop stamina and assist in the development of correct directional motion, strength development and resistance.

By making resistance and placing the body with the tilt of the trunk forward.

Uses include:

To increase playback control modes.

Improve balance and position determination of inclination.

Speed ​​training.

Develop endurance and help develop the right directional motion,

Development of strength and resistance.

Product Description

Adjustable, ideal wear comfortable.

Pulling Strap for Running and Fitness Simple adjustments are possible using a front belt and buckles.

Light weight, comfortable, do not change in place because of the high stability.

Buckles for attaching resistance enclosures.

Length of the long cord of the front when the body to stabilize and contribute to the resistance or partner as required.

The subwoofer connection allows maximum resistance while enhancing the correct enemy mechanisms.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can be used in all weather conditions.

Easy to clean, easy to store.

Use with all exercise groups


Fully adjustable chest strap.

Double threaded with anti-perforated yarns.

Back buckles do not attach to the weighted resistor for further variations.

Anti-Upholstery Belt.

Size of details

Width of upholstery: 50 mm
Length: 1150 mm
Filling length: 360 mm

Skate belt
Width: 38 mm
Length 200 mm

Metal buckles
Width: 70 mm

The iron plate does not come with the product. Is just a picture of the illustration

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