Dummy Face To increase the focus on the target time punching or kicking, Dummy Face for Boxing is an important and fantastic tool to guide punches and kicks to the desired goal while protecting yourself and gaining interest and an integrated focus.

The surface of a solid and realistic hit simulates the human head (face) so that when you punch or kick you will feel a bounce and do not harm yourself.
Allows users to develop accurate hit.
Do not damage the soft or rough surface with your hands or feet.
Great for users with or without gloves JTH will never hurt your hands or legs or leg.
The comfort knob on the inside of the head gives you maximum control and maneuverability.

It is an ideal tool for anyone who wants to develop himself in exercise and boxing.

Size: 27CM * 24.5CM * 12.5CM
Hand hold weight: about 0.52kg
Belt Weight: about 0.57kg


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