Squat Resistance Band for the training of the buttocks in particular, whether in the practice of squat or Kick-Pack and other exercises that benefit the buttocks in the main.

Comes with rope-resistant squat

Belt waist
Two ropes resistant
The number of 2 belts for the legs
Why is a squat-resistant rope used?

Many suffer from weightlifting for the exercises of buttocks, especially in the practice of squat. So the exercise rope is very perfect to reduce this problem and give you the ideal solution, which does not require many tools for the exercises of buttocks, but contributes to several exercises such as scotch and thighs and others.

How many exercises can we perform?

You can perform many sports exercises from squat and kick back and others.

Definitely a great tool for your goals

Additional information

Resistance Strength

5KG, 10KG, 15KG


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