Weightlifting Arm Bodybuilding Bomber Bicep

  • THE EASIEST WAY TO BLAST THOSE BICEPS — The trick to successfully shape your biceps is keeping your back and elbows locked in position while doing curls. This arm curl blaster allows you to do just that! It isolates your biceps, effectively forcing them to do all the work. It’s basically the same as a preacher bench, but without taking as much space and cash.
  • BRILLIANT DESIGN FOR PAINLESS WORKOUT – No pain, no gain? With our bicep curl support it’s possible to gain toned biceps without pain. The contoured plate is adequately cushioned to support your elbows. The adjustable strap will fit around any body size and properly padded on the neck part; carefully designed for your comfort, safety, stability, and for more efficient workouts.
  • EXTREMELY STURDY WEBBED NYLON AND ALUMINUM – The thick gauge plate is made of premium aluminum that will not bend easily. The strap is thick, durable and firmly screwed to the plate so it will not loosen or falling apart. This bicep bomber is made of webbed nylon which can withstand weight up to 1000 lbs. This equipment is simply built to last. If this biceps blaster is not durable enough, feel-free to return it within 30 days!
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