DOUBLE STRONGER RUBBER SUCKER: Diameter is 12.5cm high quality natural rubber plate, large suction, suitable for all kinds of smooth ground, long lasting suction.
HIGH-DENSITY SPONGE: Made of high-quality, high-density sponge, safe and environmentally friendly, comfortable during exercise, and ankle protection to prevent injuries.
HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Sit-up equipment via spring buckle to adjustment height, 4 height free to adjust from 18-21cm, maximum load: 100kg.
MULTIPLE WAYS OF USE: Suitable for men and women exercise: bird movements, high lift lower limbs, bridge hips, support lateral extensions, push-ups, sit-ups, lean over, flat support.
EASY TO CARRY: Convenient for contraction, light weight, only 1.15 kg, we can carry it with us, whether you are traveling for business or traveling.
Please force evenly on the foam. If the force is not uniform, the device will loosen and cause danger
Applicable floor: marble floor, smooth tile, smooth wooden board, smooth composite floor.Two suction cup sit-up aid
Break through the single function, helping you roll belly movement, push-ups, side kick, sit-ups and other sports.
Increase foam material, soft and comfortable, ptotect the instep from pain.
Ergonomic design,health and comfortable.
Small occupation, easy to install, convenient to use.
Material: Manganese steel, foam, silica gel
Weight capacity: 100kg
Specification: 30 x 18 x 26 cm, chassis diameter 12.5cm, Weight 1.15kg

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