There is no nicer than owning a Resistance Loop Band that is distinctive in color and flexibility for skate exercises, sleeping muscles and the thighs you want to train.

Pink Loop Resistance Resistance Loop gives you the ability to perform exercises

A top kick for the buttock
Back kick for the buttock exercise
Side cake for exercise of external thighs
Indoor cake for exercise of the inner muscle of the thigh
Perform LNGs using a pinch loop impedance
Also gives you the ability to tighten the knee in the exercise Squats in order to get the best results at the time of exercise and after.

Sizes and strength: Please refer to the pictures for size, strength and color

Violet: For beginners in the sport of resistance

Pink: For everyone

Pink Lightning: For beginners in sport resistance

If you want to get stronger resistance, you can increase the amount and put them together in the exercise. For example, taking a napkin and a light pink will give you a higher resistance.

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High, Medium, Light

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