Pro Slim Professional
Pro Slim Professional
Pro Slim Professional

Pro Slim Protein Professional

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Pro Slim Protein Professional is for women who are looking for a dietary supplement that has protein and vitamin benefits to help them reach their desired goals while maintaining overall health.

Pro Slim Pro Professional is the formula formulated specifically for women from the 3XL Hers brand that aims to identify female silhouettes.

Contains proteins, biologically active compounds and other fat-soluble nutrients that help to lose fat, define muscle mass, maintain muscle tone, and give vitality to anxious women on their bodies.

One of the advantages of the Pro Slim Pro Whey Center is that it has no adverse effect because the compounds of this protein help control appetite by providing satiety, which prevents us from eating between meals.

The ideal solution for weight loss is because the more thin the person, the higher the calories burned by the body,

Because this tissue has a high metabolic rate.

(TMB – Basall Metabolism Rate) The best thing is that it does so in the case of rest as physical activity.

Pro Slim Professional features:
Eliminates the retention of fluids purification of the body thanks to the characteristics of diuretics for many of its components.
A catalyst for the body’s metabolism, burning and fat.
Contains 37 grams of protein per scop.
It also contains more than 10 vitamins and 10 minerals.
Helps maintain bones and skin.
The contribution of estrogen that brings additional benefits to weight loss.
Depresses appetite.

The taste of Belgian chocolates is great, which preserves its nutritional value to allow it to be enjoyed and enjoyed.
Ensure high quality on the proteins they form such as: Hydrolyzed, Collagen, Ovoalbumin, Soy isolate, Concentrated and Isolated.
Taking Pro Slim Professional Concentrate results:
By taking 3XL protein you can get muscle mass.
Helps to lose fat by better identifying the silhouette of the female.
It allows for better control of appetite to avoid anxiety attacks.

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